1.  Sims Marina area is  a “NO WAKE” zone, requiring the slowest possible speed of your watercraft.
  2.  NO swimming, snorkeling, floating, fishing, beaching or anchoring of vessels within 150 feet of Sims Marina and boat slips.
  3.  All vehicles must park in their designated spaces; failure to do so may result in your vehicle being towed.
  4.  Parking passes must be visible at all times in the front window of all vehicles.
  5.  NO camping or parking in dry storage.
  6.  NO Sewage Discharge in any of the waters at Navajo Lake including the vicinity of Sims Marina.
  7.  Fires allowed in designated areas only.
  8.  Designated quiet hours are between 10 pm and 7 am.  Loud disturbances during these hours are subject to fines.
  9.  NO ONE under the age of 13 years old is allowed on the Marina without the company of an adult.
  10.  NO tobacco products sold to minors, ID required.
  11.  All dogs must be on a leash.



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